World Soil Day – Drought and agriculture

5 December 2023
17:00 - 18:30
Italian Pavilion

Water is increasingly becoming a precious resource that needs to be preserved and protected. Drought and desertification represent a growing social and economic threat while territories appear more vulnerable due to hydrogeological risk, soil pauperization and climate change effects, highly impacting on men and environment. In this context, research and technological innovation can provide valuable solutions to strengthen territory monitoring and preservation, thus contributing to the security of critical resources and infrastructures, increasing resilience, safeguarding people and environment and promoting sustainable growth.

Within this frame, the event will be dedicated to innovative solutions in the sector of sustainable and circular water management and agro-food production systems responding to climate change adaptation needs. A particular focus will be on resource efficiency, wastewater treatment with water and nutrients recovery, emerging pollutants monitoring and removal, smart agriculture also by means of the NEXUS approach (water-energy-food-ecosystems), food quality and traceability, bioresources valorization.


  • 5:00 pm – Introduction – Marco Sargenti – ICE


  • 5:05 pm – “Integrating innovative “drop per crop” solutions to enhance food security within the
    framework of Nexus paradigm” – Nicola Colonna, Division for Biotechnologies and agroindustry –ENEA, Italian Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.


  • 5.25 pm – “Development of Halotolerant bacteria-based fertilizer for a sustainable agriculture
    under saline irrigation”- Imen Saadaoui, Centre for Sustainable development, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences – Qatar University


  • 5:45 pm – “Promoting open-field agricultural activities in Qatar using unconventional inputs” –
    Helmi Hamdi, Food & Water Security Program, Center for Sustainable Development – Qatar University


  • 6:05 pm – “Treated wastewater as unconventional resource in the view of Circular Economy”- Marco Ferraris, Laboratory Technologies for efficient use and management of water and wastewater – ENEA, Italian Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.


  • 6:25 pm – Closing remarks – Q&A


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