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Sustainability aims to maintain biodiversity and ecological balance, whilst acknowledging the need for civilisation to sustain its modern way of life.
This can only be achieved by balancing different needs at both local and global levels. It refers to our capacity to endure, as well as our commitment to bequeath a green future to our children. Thus, although sustainability involves passion for the future, it is a real concern for today. It is our responsibility to transform our life styles, business practices and governmental policies in ways that respect future generations by recognising and addressing global environmental problems.
This should lead us to work ceaselessly to create new technologies and innovative solutions so as to maintain public support for the holistic changes those new technologies will bring. We all need to agree on a redefinition of what is “modern” whilst reinventing traditional practices.
Technology and innovation should lead a transformation, working towards a greater adoption and enhancement of traditional rather than industrial agriculture


Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation; a vehicle for future green solutions, while playing an important role in changing direction in the use of fossil fuels, creating solutions for urban industrial pollution and advancing alternatives for chemical-intensive agriculture.

In Expo 2023 Doha, Qatar Technology & Innovation will specially focus on 4 topics:

Hands-On Experience
The future grows better and more sustainable if we get the tech to the farmers.

Rainwater Harvesting
Optimizing the natural water cycle. Harvested rainwater can be used for livestock and for irrigation. Rainwater collected from roofs can supplement the subsoil water level and increase urban greenery.

Alternative Energy Solutions
It would be inconsistent to depend on fossil fuels in an endeavour to reverse desertification. The adoption of new systems, such as alternative energy sources and irrigation, is of the highest priority.

Urban Greenery and Urban Farming
Cities are fertile ground for change. While urban greenery helps control air pollution, urban farming dramatically reduces the carbon footprint, not only by curbing the need for the transportation of food but also by the efficient use of space, energy, and water.


Green Desert, Better Environment :

To achieve it and maintain it is an important and increasingly urgent topic, because it can be an answer to global water, energy, and food scarcity problems.


Al Bidda Park:

Al Bidda Park – We welcome you to come and explore the park at your leisure